Best of Group Chat: “That's it, I'm getting a Mac”

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Convo of two mathematician friends in a group chat

Forgive me Ilmu! -Adrien

Ilmu: Fedora is a better ubuntu than ubuntu when it comes to polish and debian is a better ubuntu than ubuntu when it comes to stability.

Adrien: Ubuntu has more users, I expect issues to be more googleable. It's so user-unfriendly though

llmu: Yeah and the users are so bad

Adrien: I'm configuring my system now

Adrien: Feels so weird to do everything in a stateful way

Ilmu: Yeah it's kinda simple but scattered all over

Adrien: Yeah I'm modifying a bunch of files across the system without any documentation, version control or reproduce-ability. If something breaks I basically have to start over

Ilmu: man file-hierarchy

Adrien: I wish I could compile my nix config to bash, targeting specific distros

Ilmu: That's called ansible

Adrien: Yeah I was thinking of learning some ansible

Ilmu: Get a job as junior SWE

Adrien: Alright I could actually get most of my user config by running home-manager. I'm concerned that this ubuntu-nix hybrid will cause ungoogleable issues down the road though

There should be a way to project a nix-store onto the filesystem

Replacing all symlinks with files. Conversely, there should be a way to discover which nix-expressions are responsible for any particular item in the store.

That's it, I'm getting a mac

Ilmu: Lol


Adrien: Maybe it isn't then but I won't have to seemingly reconstruct the basic building blocks of civilization any time I want to run a hello world

Ilmu: Yeah to make the inevitable reconstruction go smoother. We iterate with every generation.

This expectation that computers should work is not realistic. The whole thing grew too fast to have any accuracy

Ilmu: Your choice is to live 10 years ago with stability or literally bleeding edge. The proprio-sphere is not a real option because you cannot expect your understanding of those environments to stay relevant

Ilmu: What are your priorities? Do you know what you want most of all from this device?

I'm sure there's an emacs package

Ilmu: Also; have you tried BSD?

Ilmu: If I was truly fed up then I'd use guix. I.e. going closer to the paranoia people who are making sure everything makes sense from the ground up

Ilmu: "maxwell equations of software” is an interesting talk about writing a compiler in assembly for the smallest lisp that can bootstrap the world.

So everything can be built from that dependency

feel bad > attribute bad feelings to lack of job > look for job > find interesting job at cool startup > decide to apply for job > want to maximize chances of success > check out their open source work > decide to contribute > try to set up local development environment > runtime dependencies not found due to being in the nix store > ... > decide to use ubuntu > ... > try using virtualenv and pip > can't fetch external dependencies > decide to use poetry and pyenv instead > set up pyenv > mysteriously lose xsession > reinstall ubuntu > realize life is futile

Ilmu: Look, I was telling you: ubuntu is neither stable nor polished... it's just popular, and that's just because newbies equate it with “linux"

And python is a garbage fire. Arch is where you go to be a developer. And now nixOs if you know what you're doing