Some private side projects in music, games and deep learning

NEW: Netlens. A state of the art toolkit for interpreting and analyzing neural networks (vision). Comes with a general API to parameterize, optimize and render images. Most feature-rich interpretation library after tensorflow’s lucid (spring 2020). 
LUPA. A Browser extension that lets you post and review on top of any web content. It's a prototype for social resource ranking that's not reliant on explicit search (like Google, FB, Yelp ...). Members can see your thoughts just in time when they visit that content. This makes everybody's investment in the network less dependent on timing (as is in feeds) and your thoughts literally more on spot. I wrote about it here
Pitch Please. Use CHROME/FIREFOX. See your voice live. An interactive spectrogram and polyphonic pitch detector that can instantly detect the note or chord(!) you are playing. Get a glimpse at the physics of sound while jamming. Happy to say that it is still by far the fastest(20ms) and most accurate music viz and polyphonic pitch detection on the open web. Sing a song.
OASYS STEM COURSE CREATOR (Archived 😕). Collaborated to create a standalone STEM lesson web authoring tool. You can embed text, simulations, images, gifs, quizzes also create adaptive course paths on based on user events.
You are Soundman. Use CHROME/FIREFOX. Your voice is key. Your neck extends with pitch. If you can hold your pitch, you spit fire. In the end, you face off the Goblin - match his pitch to win the sync battle. If it helps to strengthen your resolve: it is rumoured that the goblin is a xenophobic misogynist.
ATOMIC JET. Proof of Concept for game-based STEM learning. In the Oculus Rift VR prototype you can use your hand to link atoms instead of the Jet. Code on GH
Hyper Piano. Use CHROME/FIREFOX. Face the music. Play the Sine Piano on your Keyboard. You can powershift tones or do octave jumps. Side-effects: teaches you chord structures while you play.
DEEP POSE Schnick Schnack 🕺. Some fun with Machine Learning. 3D coordinates from 2D images. Used p5.js for Stick Figure animation. Code on Github